“Allan’s best asset is his personality. He’s a warm and likeable figure on stage, a natural teacher and connector. Deft and highly competent … classic illusions with new techno-twists.”

ITV’s ‘The Next Great Magician’ Water Escape


“The show ended with the best live illusion I have ever seen"
The Express

JAMIE ALLAN ON The Next Great Magician


The most impressive live performance I have ever seen…It would have been worth the ticket price just to see the end!
What’s Good To Do

Penn & Teller’s ‘FOOL US’

iMagician Showreel 2017

"A unique magic show…to show people things they've never seen. Allan has a congenial stage persona and proves he's not stuffy in any way. Smug he's not. You definitely come away from the show feeling that he's genuinely a nice person."
NWI Times

The Houdini Box

Tribute to Steve Jobs

The world’s worst magic assistant…

Transparent Sawing In Half

Jamie Allan’s River Coins